Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Edmonton Soccer Dome (ESD) located and what are the facility hours?

The Edmonton Soccer Dome is located at the Edmonton Scottish Society Complex in the Southside of the City.  3105 101st SW, Edmonton T6X 1A1. Our Standard hours of operation are 10am to 11pm, 7 days a week, but are ultimately based on rental bookings.

How can I contact the ESD?

You can reach us by visiting the Edmonton Soccer Dome during business hours, calling the office, or by sending an email.  A club directory that includes Board of Directors contact information can be found on our website at by clicking here.

Facility Phone: TBA for bookings/inquiries

General Manager: 780 988 5357 – [email protected]

If the call is unanswered, you will be directed to the appropriate mailbox to leave a message.

Wedding Bookings and Event Bookings at The Edmonton Scottish Society Hall

All Wedding bookings previously communicated via events (at) are being handled by [email protected]
Please be aware that these events are being gone through and you will receive a response, if you have not received a response please forward your original message to the Events at Edmonton Scottish Society e-mail.


How do I check availability or book a field?

All rentals will be listed on the Edmonton Soccer Dome (ESD) website

For Block bookings please contact the General Manager [email protected] or 780 988 5357

For Casual Bookings

  • Online – Bookings can be made at any time be visiting through the online booking system using VISA or MasterCard.
  • Phone – Bookings may be made over the phone during business hours but will still be entered in the online booking system using VISA or MasterCard.
  • In person – Bookings may be made in person at the Edmonton Soccer Dome (ESD) during business hours using Cash or Credit Card.

All bookings must be paid in advance and in full to secure field reservation.


What are the dimensions of the facility?

The Edmonton Soccer Dome itself is 500 x 270 feet.    135,000 sq ft

Inside the dome is a running track that is 450m in length, each lane is approximately 1m wide.

The full size FIFA field is 105m  x 73m (that can be split into quarter fields).  At it’s peak, the ceiling rises 82 feet above the pitch surface.

The 4 mini fields are 64m x 35m,  Each quarter field is separated from the next by mesh netting.

May I ask for a tour of the facility?

Absolutely!!! We are very proud of our facility and would love to show you around. To arrange a tour, please contact [email protected]

Are there advertising or sponsorship opportunities at the Facility?

We have many advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Our advertising rate card will be available here soon and we are open to any suggestions or creative ideas.  For more information on opportunities, please contact [email protected] or call the office.